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Strategic Growth

We develop dynamic strategic, creative, executional and organizational solutions aligned to our clients’ context, capabilities, culture and appetite for risk. Our services position clients to gain a sustainable advantage, critical to great strategy.

We work at multiple levels, the overall company, operating group, and with functional groups. Our comprehensive organizational review is intended to close the gap between the current state and the vision of the future.

We will customize our approach while ensuring alignment with corporate plans. At the completion of our assessments we are available to provide further assistance. Our Assessment services may include the following reviews:

  • Risk Management
  • Operations
  • Voice of the Customer
  • Financial Management
  • Leadership

Our services are customized to each organization’s specific requirements. We provide assistance with:

  • facilitating the completion of internal, external situation analyses and environmental scans to contribute to our 360 degree view.
  • developing differentiated and competitively positioned solutions.
  • mapping strategy to action, from concept to implementation.
  • ensuring that:
    • the vision is translated and clarified.
    • there is alignment across the organization.
    • functional processes are integrated.
    • measurement and metrics are applied to drive outcomes, and
    • performance management aligns to strategy and goals.

We believe that a business plan is about results while being developed with its intended audience in mind – internal use, financial resourcing, the investment community or other funders..  An integral part its development is the application of the business modeling tools and lean approaches. We provide assistance with:

  • Concept development
  • Financial modeling
  • Operational, Marketing and Communication plans

Revisiting the organization’s brand positioning is often critical during periods of change.  We work with our clients to understand their current challenges prior to developing the brand framework, designing and implementing brand strategies that enhance the organization’s position in the marketplace.

Our process may include the development of:

  • Mission statement
  • unique value proposition
  • key differentiation factors
  • product/service benefits and features
  • market research of current and potential client base
  • attributes and qualities to be associated with company or organization
  • messaging and market strategies
  • marketing and collateral material

Although essential for growth, we are aware that time, resource and budget constraints often limit the completion and execution of market plans. We flexibly work with our clients’ schedule to identify their challenges and to develop plans driven by strategic directions..

Our key focus includes differentiating from competitors, developing unique value propositions, strategies and tactical plans with accountabilities, targets, benchmarks and financials. Our analysis may include:

  • market research, surveys and/or focus groups
  • competitive analysis
  • market and customer analysis
  • product analysis
  • website assessment/SEO optimization
  • collateral material recommendations
  • sales strategies development

“All men can see these tactics whereby I conquer, but what none can see is the strategy out of which victory is evolved.”- Sun Tzu