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We have worked across multiple sectors technology/IT, environmental, construction, education, not-for-profit, social enterprise and start-ups.

The following provides Sample Cases:

Corporate Turnaround, Embedded Consultant & Partner

Retained by award winning technology value added reseller in a multi-year embedded role to champion business growth, financial turnaround and positioning for the successful sale. Company restructured; IT Strategic Plan developed, relationships solidified with major suppliers, employee turnover reduced, solution sales and high calibre professional team recruited. Improved business vision, customer service; introduced new technology products, tight fiscal management and executed corporate restructuring. Business model evolved from information technology focused and value proposition built on seamless customer service and service delivery working with multiple suppliers.

Brand Strategy Development

Retained to reposition a 35-year-old waste management company for growth post an environmental accident. Led outsourced team, researched, developed market strategies, re-branded and repositioned company.Drove major RFPs and business development initiatives that doubled revenues.

Social Entrepreneurship, Business Planning, Environmental Sector

Retained as a Business Planning Coach with Senior Team to direct the development of a 5 year business plan for a national Association of 24 environmental organizations, $24M, 600 employees, 2000 volunteers.

Operational Improvements, Quality Assurance Management, Construction Sector

Retained by international builder to provide quality management consulting services to accelerate their windows certification process and address speed to market in Canada and the US.
Our project included the application and submissions of the various associated dues/fees,timely and accurate Lab reports, and acceptance and turnaround time of the various associations and certifying bodies to review, approve and publish reports.

Brand Strategy Development

Retained by major Ontario College to develop the brand framework and study methodology, complete internal/external market research and lead a 15 member, multi-stakeholder senior management and faculty team, across the School of International Business, School of Tourism, International Development and International Services to create brand strategies for newly created Faculty of International Studies. The final reports addressed program growth, market expansion, state-of-art website, partnerships, process and procedure improvements, quality, and recruitment standards. Directed the completion of the 3-year Strategic Plan, Marketing and Communication Plans.

Education Sector, Strategic Plan Development, Board Advisory, Change Management

The Development of the 2015-2020 Strategic Plan. Led campus wide project, working with the College’s executive team, senior management, Board of Governors, and Steering Committee to develop the directions and strategies for the College for the upcoming 5 years.

Led consulting and research team through a phased process: Preparation, Information Gathering, Market Research, Environmental Scan, Internal/External Stakeholder Consultations, Strategy Formulation Workshops and Plan Documentation. Plan adopted by the Board.

Startup, Business Planning

Retained as an Advisor and Business Development Consultant for the Development of Remediation & Intervention Center targeted to students, ages 7 to 17 years.

Led business model development, planning, project implementation including human resources, training, admissions, financials, marketing, and accreditation). International implementation of the business is in progress.

Develop the 2015-2020 Strategic Plan including Internal/ External stakeholder research, Environmental Scan, Strategy Formulation Workshops, and Document Preparation.

Provided leadership to a senior team of researchers and market analysts along with the College’s executive team, senior management, Board of Governors, to develop the directions and strategies for the College to 2020.

Environmental Scan

The Development of a Comprehensive Environmental Scan to support the Development of Cambrian College’s 2015-2020 Strategic Plan.

Led Senior team of researchers and analysts. Report included Executive Summary, Market Segmentation, Macro Trends, Benchmark and Labour Market analyses, Internal Document Review, Data Analysis (competitive intelligence, aboriginal, regional, programs, language and Canadian status), External Stakeholder interviews.

Aboriginal Strategic Plan Development

Retained by Board of Directors of 50-year old Foundation to lead Ontario Trillium funded project to develop event management and marketing plans for an Aboriginal Festival. Collaborated with community stakeholders, school boards, business, municipal, and regional government to implement largest single event (10,000 attendees). Created a 3-year Strategic and Tactical Plan for collaboration with Aboriginal Community. Recommendations were implemented by the Board.

Social Entrepreneurship, Sustainability, NGO Sector

The provision of strategic advisory and board leadership expertise, led facilitation workshops and strategic planning sessions, and social enterprise model development.

Social Entrepreneurship, Business Planning, Agriculture Sector

A 2 Phased Project: Retained by Board of Directors and Senior Team to lead a multi senior leadership internal/external stakeholder team.

Phase 1, developed business model, revenue generation plan and strategic directions for an Urban Agricultural Centre, a social enterprise. Phase 2, developed a 3 Year Business Plan working with Board, Senior Management and cross-functional stakeholder team. Framework integrated qualitative, primary and secondary research, marketing strategy development, business model innovation, operational analysis, risk management and financial modeling.

Social Entrepreneurship, Sustainability, Services Sector

Development of a Center for Conflict Prevention and Resolution, and the 3-year Strategic and Marketing plans with Senior management and multi-stakeholder leadership team. This project was completed in two phases.

Phase 1 developed and implemented the Study Framework (Vision, Mission, Values; Goals, Strategic Pillars, a Sustainable Business Model, SWOT/TOWS Matrix, Environmental Scan, Strategic Pillars, Key Strategies, Tactical Plans and Financial Projections), and led implementation and Plan Development with leadership and management team.

Phase 2 completed the Branding, Strategic and Marketing and Communications Plans. The overall project delivery was the creation of a new Center of Excellence for Conflict Prevention and Resolution (CCP&R). The Center will provide leadership, advocacy, best practices, research, support, training, and consultative services for conflict prevention and resolution focus area

We offer expertise and guidance in:

  • Business Model Development
  • Six-week Startup Implementation Package
  • Business Plan Development & Implementation Support
  • Brand Framework Development
  • Strategic, Marketing and Communications Planning
  • Executive-in-Residence