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Enterprise Innovation

We bring a fresh perspective through comprehensive environmental scans, analytics-generated insights and the application of innovative tools and methodologies.

Data rich organizations have long recognized the importance of data analytics in leadership and in being lean, efficient and ahead of the curve. Successful companies recognize that data is a strategic asset and ensures a data-driven culture.  

We collect, verify and aggregate inputs to identify patterns and relationships that create opportunities, monetize the business, unlock efficiencies, innovate business models and improve performance indicators. If necessary we act as translators between information technology and business personnel to tell the story of the data.


“However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.” – Winston Churchill

We believe the evolution of the business model is a fresh approach to strategy development.  Our business model innovation frameworks, tools and methodologies assist clients to develop high-level aspirations, cascading targets, creative insights prioritized options, win-win partnerships and diversified portfolios, products and services. We develop a compelling story that enables the organization, investors, bankers and other funders a quick way to evaluate an existing business or new venture.

Our efforts provide insights as to how to:

  • offer significant value to clients
  • deliver products or services with high margins
  • provide for client satisfaction
  • maintain market position, and
  • fund a business

Additionally, we creatively apply our approaches to assist with revenue generation, corporate and business unit strategic planning, leadership onboarding, merger and acquisitions, corporate alignment and social enterprise development.

“In today’s climate, it’s best to assume that most business models, even successful ones, will have a short lifespan.”  Alexander Osterwalder

We work with social entrepreneurs who want to run a business. Our focus includes opportunity identification, problem identification, idea generation and development.

We leverage our business best practices, frameworks, tools and methodologies to assist organizations who are interested in innovating and creating new income streams resulting in less reliance on donations and grants. These include start-ups with social and ecological impacts embedded in their businesses.

We work hard to integrate the world of business with the best of activism and societal impact.  Please fill in the form below to download a checklist which summarizes key questions that we help our clients resolve.

Social Enterprise Checklist
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“I believe that social entrepreneurship will be the driving force in the world over the next 100 years, the single biggest movement that’s going to change the way we live.” Jeff Skoll