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Strategic Solutions that deliver
Sustainable Futures

We are a Strategic Growth Advisory, Venture Development,
Coaching and Training Organization. We assist clients to achieve
real impact and sustained success.

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100's of Game Changing Solutions

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Bridge Strategy, Innovation, and

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Strategic Excellence at the Core

“Our clients can expect higher-level thinking, customized approaches, fact-driven decision making, and high-impact results.“

Our Services

Our Services
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Industry Expertise
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Our Advantage

Our Advantage
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Our Mantra: Seamless Transfer of Knowledge

Go to the people. Live with them. Learn from them. Love them. Start with what they know. Build with what they have.

But with the best leaders, when the work is done, the task accomplished, the people will say “We have done this ourselves”

– Lao Tzu –


We are entrepreneurial practitioners who assist organizations to achieve game changing innovation, accelerated growth strategies, improved operational efficiencies, and quick access to human capital.  We believe strategy and its execution are at the core of growth and performance improvement.

At ALEXANDER LEARMOND, we work with our clients to master strategic thinking. It is our reason for being and is second nature to the team. We help clients analyze their organizations, environment, plan strategic approaches, and  navigate their path to breakthrough solutions that achieve real impact and sustained success.

We strive to build lasting partnerships with our clients based on skill, integrity, satisfaction and trust. (more)

Our Unique Value

Business Owners

Proven  Revenue Generation

Increased Profitability

Client Empowerment

100’s of Solutions


“We thrive on developing solutions to 
complex business issues and the implementation of sustainable master plans that accelerate growth. We are dedicated to helping you create strategic solutions for a sustainable future. Let us help your company soar to new heights.“

We develop dynamic strategic, creative, executional and organizational solutions aligned to our clients’ context, capabilities, culture and appetite for risk. Our services position clients to gain a sustainable advantage, critical to great strategy. (learn more)

We bring a fresh perspective through comprehensive environmental scans, analytics-generated insights and the application of innovative tools and methodologies. (learn more)

Strategy and its subsequent execution are at the center of growth and improvement. We accelerate, scale, extend and mobilize to drive innovation. Depending on clients’ requirements provide on-demand implementation support. (learn more)

Our advisory services are customized to meet specific organization’s needs at all levels: Business Owners, Senior Executive Teams, Executive Directors and Entrepreneurs. (Learn more)

We flexibly address our clients immediate requirements through customized workshops focused on innovative approaches and game-changing solutions. Our Mantra is seamless transfer of knowledge. (learn more)

Our practitioner team assists entrepreneurs and investors to succeed in international markets. Our clients have direct access to a committed support team that work across sectors, international countries and Canadian Provinces.(learn more)


“The sky is not the limit.” Col. Chris Hadfield